About Team Recovery

About Us

Since 2015, Team Recovery has been a vital resource for thousands of people who have been affected by drug & alcohol addiction in Toledo, Ohio. By providing addiction education, drug & alcohol treatment linkage and support for struggling families, Team Recovery has helped curb the societal stigma surrounding substance use disorders. 

Team Recovery gives the community a voice by letting everyone know that it is okay to speak up about and get help for your addiction. 

Beginning this year, Team Recovery is expanding its presence in order to serve communities across the country. The need is clear: approximately 21 million Americans experience drug addiction and alcoholism, but only one in ten will receive the treatment they need. 


By passionately and enthusiastically carrying a message of strength and hope to anyone affected by the disease of addiction, we can end the stigma surrounding it. Doing so will bring us out of the dark and into the light.

Our Mission

To passionately and enthusiastically carry a message of strength and hope to anyone affected by the disease of addiction


1618 W. Sylvania Ave
Toledo, OH 43612

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