About Team Recovery

The Story

Founded in 2015, Team Recovery started as a way for recovering addicts during the journey of getting sober. It quickly grew into much more. Now our members have grown to various ways of giving back from working in rehabilitation, community education and public speaking. We welcome anyone that to make a positive change in recovery to join Team Recovery. If you are in need of support and resources, get connected.



FAAD (Family After Addiction or Death) was started to offer support to family members, from family members. The meetings are for anyone (friend, family, addict, etc.) affected in any way by addiction. We are addicts and families who have actually lived it and survived it. FAAD is a family support group (for family members and for the addict) unlike any other out there. It's open to anyone affected by addiction in any way. 

Our Mission

To passionately and enthusiastically carry a message of strength and hope to anyone affected by the disease of addiction



1618 W. Sylvania Ave

Toledo, OH 43612



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