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One of the reasons that drug addiction and alcoholism carry such a strong stigma is that many people are not educated about substance use disorders.


One of the reasons that so many people with substance use disorders die from their disease is that they were never informed about treatment options. 


One of the reasons treatment options are not more readily available is that people are unaware of how effective they are.


One of the reasons people aren’t aware of how effective they are is because even addiction success stories are generally tinged with the stigma that surrounds substance use disorders. 


Lack of knowledge about addiction presents an endless cycle that harms us all, forcing too many struggling people to stay in the dark. That is why Team Recovery is committed to substance abuse education in a variety of formats. Team Recovery “Choices and Consequences” seminar has been presented to everyone from elementary school students to health care professionals, and from local union representatives to college athletes.


Team Recovery provides seminars to educate about how addiction starts, how to avoid it, how to seek treatment, how to administer Narcan and much more. 


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Our Mission

To passionately and enthusiastically carry a message of strength and hope to anyone affected by the disease of addiction