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To An Old Problem

 This isn't your typical rehab. Yes, we are accredited by the highest governing bodies that a "treatment center" can be accredited by. Yes, we have licensed staff treating clients according to ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) standards. However, take everything that you thought "rehab" was and throw it out the window. Our goal is to help make your life so good, that returning to an addictive lifestyle simply isn't an option anymore.


CARF & OMHAS licensed, dual diagnosis treatment with sober living. Group and individual therapy available.


Daily Physical and Spiritual exercise is part of what we do! Having fun DAILY is mandatory.


We will help you raise your credit score, learn how to become financially 

stable, and become gainfully employed.


Clean up legal issues, go back to school, get your license and a vehicle, buy a home... we will help you get there!


We don't want to JUST treat you, we want your family to get better, too. Get your family back, we will help!